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You mentioned that you give your students the opportunity to retake assessments as many times as necessary until they can answer the questions correctly. How exactly does that work in your courses. Well that's a great question to start with. Because kinda allows me to lay the ground work on my thinking as far as the way do testing and that crown works centers on the concept of retrieval practice and retrieval practice is the name of an idea. That's been around for a long time only eight more. Recently called retrieval practice in. That is that in order to learn something you have to for memories right on those memories are either taken out used as is if it's a fact based thing that you need or you take those memories out of storage. Maybe they're facts. Maybe their strategies maybe their memories of things that have worked memories of things that haven't worked in you pull them out and sort of sort them out and compare and contrast them and process monette make some kind of decision so those are the higher levels of thinking that we normally identify is one of the goals of our teaching. Ap we want our students to have a big treasure trove of available facts in their memory so yeah memorization is a good thing and we want to help students with that part of it but we also want them to be able to use those facts to compare and contrast them to pull out the facts that apply to a particular case maybe used them to solve some sort of problem or be creative with him in some way so all of that requires us to retrieve things out of our memory but the thing about retrieving things out of our memory is if we form a memory and then just leave it alone. The more time that goes by the less likely it is that we're going to be able to retrieve it when we went to when we have a problem to solve or a fact that we need to spout. Maybe we're on jeopardy and oh man. I'm so disappointed. I was chosen as a new host of jeopardy. How well anyway. That's another story. The point is sometimes. I need facs for jeopardy or for some other reasons. Sometimes i need a whole bunch of different facts different kinds of facts maybe across different topics in sub topics and so on and i need to sort them out and see which ones apply and then start to apply either way. I have to do that. Retrieval practiced it. Odds are it's not gonna come when i need it and i need it when i need it. So one thing. I can do to increase the likelihood that it's going to become available to me when i needed is to practice that retrieval so asked me this question okay got the answer great and then i wanna come back later to okay asked me that question in yea i got it again or maybe oh shoot. I forgot that. Don't tell me don't tell okay. Tell me hit our let me look it up or whatever so now you know i thought i knew it i turns out..

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