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Quietly in the courts when Spiro Agnew is already a trivia question and a hard one quietly while basically nobody was watching Agnew's entire story fell apart all the denials all the claims that this was a witch hunt or that he was the real victim here. It all fell apart and his guilt was laid bare in court and for the record because his longtime personal lawyer flipped on him. When Agnew showed up to court that Dan October nineteen Seventy-three to plead to a felony and resigned, the vice presidency that forty page statement of evidence that was assembled by the prosecutors it was released to the public. It was this damning recitation of what Agnew had done as an elected official all of the payoffs all of the extortion, all of the crimes committed even as vice president, and that document all these detailed allegations from the prosecutor's. It is a matter of public record. But even so it's one that sort of feel secret. Even now all these years later, it is hard today to find that document, even if you're really looking for it. The information contained in it is not what people immediately think when they hear the name Spiro Agnew. Oh, yeah. Agnew nixon's. Vice president did me have like taxation problem something from back before the time he became vice president. That's how Agnew's remembered but Agnew really was way worse than history remembers him for if he's remembered at all Agnew, basically disappeared into history after he resigned, he got a job working for Eva Gabor 's fifth husband seriously, Frank Sinatra helped him pay the relatively minor fines that were imposed by the court back in nineteen Seventy-three Agnew wrote a bad novel, a thriller with sort of unsettling sex scenes in it, frankly, he also published that memoir in which he claimed that Richard Nixon was going to have him killed. But basically big picture Agnew just went away and the few times that he did reappear. He was always asking for sympathy. This is from an interview with him in nineteen eighty. Penalty. I pay is very heavy people say Agnew didn't Patty penalty. He bought his way out of jail with vice presidency. But they don't know what a penalty pay. They don't understand. I lost my right to practice law. I lost my pension and the worst penalty of all is during those years immediately following my resignation when I was not at all answering the charges to walk down the street and see people say there, he goes to be recognizable not just in the United States, but any place I went in the world that's a pretty severe penalty Spiro Agnew. Probably does deserve to be more infamous than he is. But the team of federal prosecutors discovered his crimes and took him down. They deserve to be more famous than they are George bell. The US attorney who refused to let pressure from the White House interfere with his investigation. He went on to prosecute that subsequent. Sitting governor of Maryland for corruption Marvin Mandel democrat got him to Ron Liebman Barney Skolnick they both took part in that prosecution of Maryland's next governor and then like George bell. They both moved into quiet careers in private practice. Tim baker. He ended up getting George bells old job as Maryland US attorney before he too went into private practice. They all ended up doing fine. But none of them ended up at into our history books and our national memory for the role that they played in well, saving the Republic from a national catastrophe saving the country from a criminal vice president ascending to the presidency amid the ashes of Watergate, which would have plunged the country from Watergate right into another catastrophic scandal in the lighthouse and likely the forced removal of the next president right after Nixon what further damage. Would have been inflicted on the country if we'd had to remove not one but two corrupt criminal sitting presidents back to back within months of each other. These young kids from Baltimore these determined federal prosecutors, they saved us from that disaster. Their case was obstructed from the White House on down. They were attacked and maligned by the most powerful politicians in the country. They endured that at the ripe old average age about thirty two. They kept their heads down, and they kept going their bosses. US attorney George bell and attorney general Elliot Richardson, they lead them without fear or favor. They shielded them. And then Elliot Richardson singlehandedly got Agnew out restoring and protecting the line of succession for the American presidency. Elliot Richardson hell the press conference the day after Spiro Agnew resigned as Feis president..

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