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We didn't know this until later. Event. So I got we got stepbrothers the one of the twins. My sister, my stepfather, and they put us on the one of those in at the time, it was modern, but it was the old style ambulances that we used to see old movies, and they took us everybody converged on the Sacramento medical center, which is now the UC Davis hospital, and that was one of the one of the significant issue later, but I'll bring that up in a minute. So anyway, we so we all got it. We ended up at the hospital, and they one step brother, and my sister had surgery because there's some disruption in an explosion that causes some internal damage. They have to fix. I was I was fine. Everybody else was fined one of the the the twin carries. I think her leg or arm was broken something. But anyway, but we were all together. So we do you realize your mom wasn't gonna come out. Well, that's that's where things moved along. I was I had to go through surgery and don't really bad because I on the floor, and I was going to federal. But. I'm sorry Sergio the x Ray because they put me on this table that other spend me around his early cool. But I just got a little excited with the ice cream. I guess all the so, but we got back together. They took us down into the basement, and they set up the basement, and they started, you know, putting families down there. So we were all together. I don't know how long we were there before they came in. But my uncle and priest and of unofficial came in, and they talked with my stepfather, and confirmed that my mom had died, and then they told us, and then what happened for me is started to cry a here. My mom's voice in my head. You know, be crying. It also I laid down and I ended up waking up three days later. It was kinda like one of that that movie. One of the Grisham movies where the little boy at the beginning goes into that catatonic state. And so anyway, so I kind of, you know, disappeared for a couple days, not not anything bad. But it just the emotional. Yeah. So ended up where you know. They had the funeral. I didn't get to go. That was one of the things that was kinda bad that in really deal with for many years until later. Yeah. But over the years what I found out, and this is what I wanted to get into where you can talk about this. It's now not attributing any emotion to the event because it was purely an event, but there was a lot of good that came out of this the firefighter burn unit. Sacramento, sac city was on the leading edge of mass casualty of how to handle mass casualty of Vance in the you know, things that they learned from that event are things that were implemented all the way through up to things like the world trade set. Enter bringing the medical teams being things like that distributing people throughout the city instead of overloading one hospital. So there was a lot of good things that happen. Then I also found out forty years later that there was a lady that was sitting on the same bench that we were on the opposite side behind this little partition and the firefighters were in on their thirteenth of Erin. They found this lady there and she had survived..

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