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In the thing that stood out to me was the fact that there was such a strong push inside the organization for Jason Kidd should be the assistant coach for whom ever was hired as opposed to be the head coach. If you were so unanswered with him that you wanted him to make the assistant job is. Why would he not be your choice for the head coach and bring someone else they'd like Frank Vogel to be the assistant like the dynamic the loan? Just doesn't make sense to me like you can say whatever about Jason Kidd's situation in Brooklyn leaving going to Milwaukee. And you know, the first couple of years they weren't winning the last year. They're starting to win. You see what's going to what that team's going to become that he gets fired during the season. And now look at the bucks now. But maybe you can say that he was responsible for the for the foundation that you have in Milwaukee. Now that sees Janas become a potential MVP candidate you see Vogel when he was there in Indiana. He had some great players you have PG thirteen. That's good teams. He goes to the magic. It's just not even close to being the same success. He had with the Pacers. And you're thinking, okay. Well, maybe Vogel's better. But we want Jason Kidd just the mentality that the thought process Clinton just it doesn't make sense to me. It's almost like it's a built-in. Lebron system thing where you know, how he would constantly be like I'm tired of this coach fire in this guy. And they just get rid of dudes randomly, and you have to bring a new person it almost feels like that's what the Lakers are doing because Vogel in my opinion is not inspiring any confidence. And as you mentioned kid could have had the head coaching job. They're pretty much neck and neck. So for me. This is a built-in. If this first half of the season goes poorly. We've got Jason Kidd right there on the bench, which is a bit of a cop out, and is probably gonna create much bigger problem. You know in the right now for this team. But that's the only explanation I can give for this because the entire idea of installing all the insistence when you're already trying to hire head coach is ridiculous. And just as we said before not something. That's smart people. Do I'm just going resume that they really actually want Jason Kidd to be the head coach and they're setting up to fail kind of sack. All right. Well, let's take a listen with Georgia. Donna host of this show out in LA said about the reason why Jason Kidd is not the head coach of the Lakers, Jason Kidd, the head coach of the Lakers because they heard the immediate backlash from people like myself into media types, like Bill Plaski in LA who just sat there, and basically berated the fact that he could be the next coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. He hasn't under five hundred records. Really if you look at his track record as a coach the reality is is most famous moment of head coaches spilling soda on the four. Okay. So in that really your calling card. There's not much to go with. All right. That's completely unfair. You come on George ease up number one number two. If the Lakers are really listening to Georgia Donald built in terms of make their coaching decision. Then they're worse off than I thought all due respect, George and Bill. But I mean, let's be clear about what drives Laker nation. I mean, you know, headlines in starpower are very real part of a bigger star name than Frank Vogel. Right. My point is is that the Lakers are exactly the team that reads their press clippings and makes decisions based on that. Jim was a former agent. You know, what I mean like they're they're coming at things from angles that are totally different situation than most other teams. And I think would most people haven't been able to wrap their heads around leading back to my point about this being a bad idea for both the franchise in LeBron. This is just a bad job. Nobody wants this job. So you're not talking about how you're gonna get the best of the best because why would anybody want to go to that? It's all up in the air. Magic just walked out. They didn't make the playoffs. You're not in a position of power when it comes to negotiating with people who are actually going to make any media impact. So for me, I'm not getting that. Said about Frank Volvo for what he is. I'm upset about the fact that you put him up against Jason Kidd. Because if that's the best you could get overall will pick one ride with it. Doubling down on just doesn't make sense. It creates a potentially jacked up situation a situation Brian wind horse actually address not long ago talking about what this does to the coaching dynamic with Jason Kidd as your system in a vacuum. It's it's it's it's looks like a terrible way to coaching staff. You are building you are building in a scenario where the players can go to the assistant coach who has going to have a lot more clout to head coach. It's never the way you'd wanna you'd wanna build a staff that remains a mystery to me why the Lakers fielded this way best, you know. But I I also think you know, triangle has proven as a coach in the NBA. I think they're they're putting waits around his ankles right now with the way they decided to do this. And this reminds me Clinton of a situation that happened in Chicago several years ago. It wasn't particularly put together this way. But it was the dynamic that ended up being created as a result. When Vinny Del Negra was the coach. Of the bulls. A Bernie Bickerstaff was his lead assistant veteran. Rick longtime veteran and all the players love respect him. There was belief around the league that in game Vinnie. Negra was not a great Xs and os coach didn't make good decisions on his rotations things of that nature. And there were stories that were confirmed to me by multiple people that oftentimes during a critical time out that don't Negra would would design a player call for certain play. And as they're exiting that huddle. Bernie Bickerstaff would grab Derrick rose and say don't do that do this right now that is that is literally undermining the coaches no question about that. But at the same time if Bernie Bickerstaff who's been coach in this league and been around the basketball game for a long time. Understood that this was bad and not the right decision looked as he was trying to help the team win. Right. You make that argument as well. And then. Derrick rose der girls have the option to listen to right who listen to. So now, you're gonna situation potentially the Frank Vogel be drawing plays, whatever. And Jason Kidd pools, the Broncos side or lonzo's I don't do that do this. Now, what are you creating potentially? Because you have a coach I'm not saying he would undermine him. I'm not saying that's going to happen. But the possibility is there because of who that lead assistant is the respect of the players in that team have for Jason Kidd is just a default. Because of who he is you're right. There's no way around it kid just walking into the building gives him that credit, and there's nothing Franken do about it either. And this my friends is the death of dysfunction. That's all it is you set up a power structure chain of command that is simply not going to work while also not forget, he's LeBron himself has been known to ignore coaches. So if you've got a three prong system there. I mean, what I can't wait to see this actually unfold because this could actually get much much worse as stated before then it does when it gets. Then it could get much worse before it gets any better. And. If I'm a Lakers fan. I have no faith in this next season. Not a single thing. They've done over the course of the past season has indicated to me that they're moving in the right direction of any idea what they're doing. It's kind of remarkable. I mean, if I'm LA, and I'm covering this team already got a book to write. It's already there to devise of Laker nation. It's that bad. It's that ugly. And you don't even know how to organize your roster from top to bottom. That's what happens in family businesses. Get too much control and too high on the hog for a while they know how to make money, but they don't know how to win anything. Here's what it also does it puts even more pressure on the brawn James to fix the situation, which you know, as a player, he probably shouldn't be under this type of pressure. If you're trying to land a big time for Asian or someone else. I come run with him. It's going to be because of him and going out and talking to these guys because if you're a team or a player right now, why would you look at the Lakers organization feel any type of confidence? Do you think? You're that dude. You can go there. And correct everything you're gonna have to listen to Bron James with this pitch to say, look man, forget all this over here. If you and I get on the court team up with bro and bro over here. We got enough to handle the basketball, forget all the drama around it. We can get this done. I that's going to be the pits from the bronze age what he's going to have to give. But unfortunately, he shouldn't. Be in that situation. Like, we also bras owner defacto coaching the facto GM, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. He's all that stuff. Which honestly we've overblown that narrative right now it needs to be that narrative. He's got to be all those dues to turn this thing around right now because it doesn't look good for all parties in Volve coming up next here on the Mike Miyakawa joins the conversation. Computer your phone? Smart speaker play. Yes. Began.

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