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One step further when you have a virus that's able to mutate and get a new variant measles doesn't change it all and yet you need ninety. Plus percent of the population vaccinated to get really good herd immunity. So when you have a vaccine new virus that not only has high transmissibility. You need to get the overwhelming proportion of the population vaccinated if you wanna do it and that's what we're trying to do you know it's really frustrating. Do we have the solution to the problem. If everyone who's eligible to get vaccinated get vaccinated. You would not be having this conversation and the same distrust. The same disinformation that is preventing people from getting vaccinated. That's really come out you and really harsh way Somebody i listen to lecture and medical school and you've long been a household name in medical households but this pandemic obviously put you in a a spotlight in in a way that that is really sort of open up to politicization and the things that you say get parched and taken out of context on ask you just as as someone who trained to be a doctor who's fulfilled your responsibilities to the public in your public service now for much longer than i've been alive. How have you dealt with this politicization in this this attack on your name. How's it been and What would you recommend the rest of us who are not not nearly as exposed as you are. But but finding ourselves caught up in conversations where were debating something that really ought to be based in evidence and data but ultimately becomes extremely ideological and emotionally fraught. What's your what's your advice. The advice is to stick with your fundamental principles. The things you've learned medical school the importance of evidence the importance of truth. Importance of transparency. Will i have become obviously so the boogeyman for the far extreme crazy theories that people have a you know i don't like it At particularly don't like it affects my family. They didn't ask for this but they got it. Great thank goodness. I have a phenomenal. We supported family. But my job and your job you know. We went to medical school my job. Same thing you know. We're we're in our job. Is su su preserved the health and the safety of the people that we devoted our careers. So and once i keep my eye on that ball abu the other stuff is a bunch of junk nonsense. You know they throw all the swing they want you stick with the truth you stick with your integrity is sick with your honesty and all that other stuff sooner or later is going to go away. It's painful while they're painting these terrible pictures of you but at the end of the day the truth prevail though. I just focused on my job. My job is public health and science and medicine. And that's what i do. I really appreciate that. You've had now a couple of very public conversations written into the the senatorial record with somebody else went to med school and that senator rand paul and i want to ask you. What's it like debating. Someone who you know knows better but chooses to politicize to a particular base on purpose. i mean. obviously we've seen your frustration but what's that like firsthand and how does it make you feel about the future. Well i know. I worry less about myself do when i do about the country when run can at so many different levels even the level of the senate of the united states to propagate nonsense it is it is feigned for i have a phenomenal degree of respect for the united states government all the elements including the augusta body of the senate. I don't take any great pleasure. In having that kind of a conversation with senator ball but there's no way i'm gonna let him get away with that in the sense of just propagating nonsense out there you know in in you know. I don't like that. Because i don't i'm a person who's very respectful of institutions. And it hurts me more to have to do that when the fact that he's doing it you know. I wish i didn't have pushed back like that but have we appreciate you for doing it. We appreciate you for sticking with your principles and the truth and the science grateful that we have public servants. Like you out there fighting this pandemic on our behalf that dr anti-fouling man who needs no introduction but really grateful for having you on the pot thank you again thanks again. Thank you for having me take care as usual. Here's what i'm watching right now. This is a guy who ran for president saying he was going to quote. Shut down the virus. And what does he done. He's imported more virus from around the world by having a wide open southern border. His solution is he wants to have. The government forced kindergarteners to wear masks in school. That was florida governor. Run to santa's throwing red meat to is based and putting the lives of florida's children on the line at issue here is get this a ban on school mask mandates in violation of cdc guidelines. Right as millions of children go back to school. This is particularly galling. Because of this right now the us is averaging more than one hundred nine thousand new cases each day nearly one in five of those infected is a child in some places. I see us our full even pediatric covert beds children. Many of whom simply can't be vaccinated now account for nearly twenty percent of all new cases of covert nineteen as children. Go back to school. They're facing the perfect storm with delta and crowding banning from requiring masks is simply inviting serious outbreaks the other group of folks at particular risk with delta or the immuno-compromised last week the fda announced this the fda is expected to authorize a third booster shot for immuno-compromised people. It's critical that we offer more protection for people who are immuno-compromised. Those eligible for these boosters comprise only a small fraction of the population. Those who need the most for the rest those with functioning immune systems. I really don't believe there's a need for a booster that and it's still far more important to get unvaccinated people in the rest of the world vaccinated before we offer doses to people who are vaccinated here at home given new data that shows that three doses may offer protection for folks who are immuno-compromised. I think this is an important step now if the fda could get full authorization for these vaccines we'd be in really good shape. Finally in addition to passing the bipartisan infrastructure. Package the senate approved the framework for a three point. Five trillion dollar budget reconciliation package. That package could fundamentally change medicare as we know it. Including lowering the medicare age. This is a big deal like a very big deal. Most obviously it would guarantee healthcare for twenty million americans. It's also good politics. Two in three americans agree with lowering the medicare age. That said it's important to understand why the majority of democrats support lowering the medicare age. Even if they don't support medicare for all as medicare stance. Today seniors cannot for one of two medicare options standard medicare or what they call medicare quote unquote advantage. Advantage is a privately managed version of medicare that pays insurance companies to manage medicare patients usually cherry pick the healthiest patients. Whom they offer a few extra perks. But every dollar those healthier patients don't spend in healthcare. The insurance companies get to keep in profit. The health insurance lobby is extremely powerful. In fact they spent one hundred fifty million dollars lobbying last year alone in the middle of a pandemic and the realizing that including people between sixty and sixty four means more and healthier people that they can offer medicare advantage products to and more money in the bank. Look i deeply support. Lowering the medicare age. But i want us all to be clear eyed about. What's at play here. That's it for today on our way. I'll i want to hear from you. I hear a lot from the anti-science trolls who like to troll our podcast. So do me a favor and respond rate in review our show. Let us know what you think about our podcast. 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