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Every name is a story and a family in grief. There's more nicole's much better world just days before her death sergeant nicole g wrote. I love my job posting. Poignant picture of her cradling. An afghan baby for nicole's dad's. She'll always be his little girl throw another. She's my she's my hero. A warrior very compassionate. She's very caring loving. Twenty year old marine corp. dylan merola. His bob says was one of the best kids ever just an infant when. Us troops first arrived in afghanistan. Our staff sergeant ryan. His wife says her husband would have no regrets for him is the ultimate honor. He could get back to his country and to help those people. These servicemembers now home. Their sacrifice honored in cities and towns across a grateful nation including marine corp. degan page and umberto sanchez lance-corporals. David espinosa and kareem nicoli navy. Corbin maxon soviak marine sergeant. Johanna rosario was from massachusetts. We will always remember her as the hero that she is the town of wednesfield missouri. Remembering lance corporal. Jared schmitz ten of the fallen. Were based at california's camp. Pendleton like lance-corporal riley. Mccollum set the become a new father in just three weeks and corp. hundred lopez the son of sheriff's deputies patriotism doesn't go by area or state it impacts all of us marine staff. Sergeant taylor hoover's. Dad says he was a natural leader. He was hoping those that are less fortunate. Those that can't help themselves. The ultimate sacrifice in service of others. Peter alexander nbc news. Our thanks to you peter. In a moment. The big headline on kobe. The new travel restrictions proposed for unvaccinated americans back down with the kovic surge in america sparking dramatic moves overseas the eu today recommending a ban on unvaccinated americans from traveling there. Meanwhile many american hospitals are facing growing prices with hospitalizations at their highest levels since the winter kristen doggone reports this nancy tonight hospitals.

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