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This will be cossuta denied there is big crossover that i think most people think there is so many star wars fans have enjoyment of shakespeare least if nothing else studied shakespeare one point and have an evade interests and a lot of the inner people are really enjoy these this combination because they enjoy shakespeare they love star wars there's good overlap there to be an interesting overlap group that wouldn't that people have passion is about shakespeare and star wars a judge in a goblins talking to in addition that his book star wars part of the seventh the full stealth awaken is out now presumably he is already working on pot eight if felt like most of us he's been to the cinema this week doesn't get the full archive of past conversations with authors in our meet the right to series which you can listen to any time here monocled dot com this is monocle 24 van monica library is growing into a robust collection of well turned out titles for an indepth for look into our core theme of quality of life why not delve into our firstever book the mont awful guy to better living for any wouldbe business leaders entrepreneurs are even establish companies in search of fresh ideas there's the more local guy to good business in how to make a nation a monocle guide we looked at the small and the big things that can help make our nation's work better and in the monocoque i to drinking and dining we bypass the foam and the fuss to uncover the makings of a truly great meal monaco's handsome books are published by our friends at the shelton in berlin and offer a world of experiences between the covers so spruce up your shelves today and by some of our titles online at monaco dot com or from any good bookstore.

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