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Kurkin does Dallas Brayden look like your college economics professor who enters the full classroom carrying his bicycle while apologized for being four minutes late. Looks like so many people like Yasha does lane kiffin looked like the guy who gets his wisdom teeth pulled, but still shows up to surprise birthday party at hooters. All you're on with Tim kirksey and Paul go ahead. Hey, Tom, what would benefit hears more lowering the mound and moving it back or foot or two. Thanks. I think moving it back would help the hitters more. Mike Lanigan told me that years ago, he said when they were talking about lower the mountains, you g thanks a lot for that fellows. Why don't you move it forward ten feet. If you really wanna help us moving it back with help the hitters more than lowering amounts does will Cain look like the executive VP of a major corporation who throws a major temper tantrum after his dad. The CEO announces he no longer plans to retire. At least you're on with Tim. Kirk should go ahead lease. It's a pleasure. Quick question. Aide in MLB. Would you compare to the great. I'm sorry, I, I missed the beginning. I guess, modern day players. You would compare to Roberto Clemente and he asked Mike travel might try to do better than Roberto Clemente isn't. He might trout has power that Roberto Clementi didn't have Mike trout runs out of the repair Clementi. However, many was a demonstrably better. Defensive player had difficulty better outfield arm and Clementi's one of the great players of all time, and I think it might have keeps up this pace. He's gonna pass vertical many hand. A lot of guys in baseball history only started listening. The greatest players of all time in terms of playing style, though the guy most comparable to Clemente, wouldn't it be someone like Ladimir Guerrero? Yeah, Vlad Guerrero has a lot of Clementi in him. But again, now at the same defensive player grow never wanna to go glove. Clementi for me is the. Greatest defensive right? Fielder of all time. Guerrero had a little bit more power and they were similar career batting average at the good comparable there and they both were great. How good is his kid. His kid is great. His kid is tremendous. You've tearing it up, so unbelievably that he should be in the big leagues, but given how things work. Now team Sam or going to start the clock later, we'd likely won't see him this year, which is shame because I can't wait till he gets here. 'cause he's going to be stunningly good pretty much. As soon as he arrived MAC, you're on with Tim coaching. Go ahead. Hey, Jim, I've got a question about inform back in the day when I played. It was sanitary than stirrups and right Dell's and now at the NFL and NBA being very cautious about what players where, why? And when did it happen? The baseball became more a Grizzle. They the uniforms chain summer over their shoes. Some are up to the needs. Well, again, baseball allowed its players to dress the way that they want some guys, we're the stir wear their pants way up and the tribute to the old time players. Manny Ramirez started putting them away down by shoes that you liked it better that way and felt more comfortable. And baseball said, look, we're not gonna have intrinsic owed year unless you know, unless it's against the rules and you wear your socks almost anywhere you like does urban Meyer looked like the guy who floors it and beats you the last parking spot at church. Does. Joe was looked like a baked potato..

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