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For such a long period of time this sick in krona's global growth profile accompanied by very little in a very benign inflationary backdrop that is what we refer to goldilocks and it was clear when we enter 2018 on this very strong footing the big question for this year which be can this persist for another 12 or be even longer period and if not what would this due to market and hence the upside surprise in inflation finally triggered this kind of oh my god what if because obviously another part in this equation is central banks and if inflation wetter surprise on the upside will be finally see the potential for synchronized tightening in 2018 versus oz the synchronized easing we've had until now as you said at risk of being in the background for a while now chris even when we talk about movements of the last few days we look at the markets in the us the dow is still up what closer twenty deeper sentiment was a year ago say all we still seeing elements there of unrealistic optimism and has this rousey check if as if that's what it is got further to run what we're seeing is navarro were the online companies are in the us under did the rest of the world are performing very very well so the earning season the the cue for next season in the us has been very strong and a lot of a lot of companies the majority of companies beat earnings expectations so that clearly good news but a sony was just described every cycle has to come to an end and if we get to a period where where the economic cycle does look as though it's turning down that it will become harder for for for companies to perform so well and very importantly i think against on you're absolutely right if wage inflation starts coming through that's going to impact the coastline of companies and that will make it harder for them to to produce the the the gains in profitability that we've seen up to this point so you saying we've seen a period of almost on natural calm in the.

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