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#1278 - Q&A: What to do with an app for Apple Watch?


You This is Chris Gil up. Oh your host of school, bringing you daily stories, questions and answers. Looking at lots of different making projects trying to understand how people made them happen without spending money of their own, so the goal is to make money without spending money using Gilliardi happened without quitting your job now I don't think out of all the episodes we have done I. Don't think we've talked much about the Apple Watch, and if you have one, you might know that integrates with a lot of apps on your phone, you can choose which apps from your phone also display on your watch, and then there are also standalone apps designed specifically for the watch. Today's caller has made a mobile APP to help people maintain their focus. Its purpose built for the watch also sounds like I need this absence. I often need help maintaining my focus and he's wondering what to do next. Now, this is a phase that I. See a lot of new settlers go through it. Is this nebulous inception like space where you're not in the early stages of out an idea like you've already been through that? You've had the excitement of that. You've worked through some challenges on that end. So that's great your ideas out there. It's actually working a little bit, but you also haven't quite figured out where to go with it next so any situations. How can you decide between competing priorities? And what does moderate success look like? Which is what we have here in the story, it's clearly not a failure, but moderate success is also different from major success, or let's say massive success. What do you do in these situations? And what should this listener with his APP? Let's dive in after the shoutout to our sponsor. Support US will school comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by quicken loans. Home today is so much more than it was yesterday. But it, rocket mortgage home is still all about you. During these challenging times, the top priority at rocket mortgage is the health and safety of the communities they serve. If you need mortgage assistance. Their team is available, twenty, four seven to answer questions and offer solutions whether that means saving money on your mortgage or finding a new way to navigate payments from their homes yours. The team rocket mortgage is with you. Visit rocket mortgage dot com slash hustle to learn more. Call for cost, information and conditions equal housing lender licensed fifty states. nmls consumer access dot, Org number three, zero, three zero. This is Sergio from El Pasa Texas I've been a fan of the psychosocial book and podcast for now. My life has is notable. It's a mobile APP for the APP watch that uses to taps to help people who struggle to maintain their. Own and focus. It's basically a tool for people like myself who often have their heads in the clouds and just need an occasional nudge. Stick their heads back in the game. I have limited time in funds to be able to work on this project. Unfortunately I often have to decide between abstract the. Reaching out to productivity influencers. or working on upgrading the APP itself. I've been working on this ad for over a year now with moderate success, so my question is how should I focus my time in resources moving forward? They. Sergio. Thank you for the call. Thank you for the question. Thank you for listening in. El Paso Texas I know that sounds like a pretty interesting project actually went to just download at myself. I went to download this APP, which listeners it's called nudge -able. You can find it in the APP store if you have an apple watch in you, J.. L. E. Knowledgeable. I thought it had a really clean design. Nice logo. Definitely would stand out. If you're looking through various productivity apps such. If I stumbled upon it, I might have downloaded it anyway because I'm absolutely in the market for this reminds me of one I use on my phone and desktop computer called to be focused. I thought the pricing was also good. It's free to use and four ninety nine to unlock all the settings so free to use, and you pay five bucks unlock everything. I think minor point. It needs some more user reviews, and perhaps more frequent updates. Since the last one was a few months ago, so I think the question is kind of okay well. How far can you take something like this? Because you know what else could this APP do? In fact, the best part of an apple? This is that it doesn't do a lot. Actually helps you. Stay focused, helps you avoid getting distracted with a ton of other features and such, so it almost seems to me like. The project in this form. Perhaps it's complete. Maybe, there's something else you could build onto it. Maybe there's an ad on or something, or maybe it's A. Project leads to something else I kind of wonder like. Do you have other ideas or do? You have other ideas for productivity software in general, because as for that bigger question of competing priorities in you know, what do you do when you have that moderate, but not major success in the long run? I think it's better to make clear decisions in terms of moving away from projects that only worked moderately well I think it's Ok to say like was a success learned a lot, but also it worked. It's helping people. I would like it to help. More people etcetera, but maybe this is actually gonNa lead me into something that's bigger and better so sometimes. The attention required by the moderate success holds us back from something that is much more profitable or impactful or just meaningful. And for me, personally I've been trying to focus more on that myself. So perhaps knowledgeable will help me with it. That's my two cents. Of course do what's best for you. Sergio keep fighting the good fight. Definitely, keep trying stuff and thank

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