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Wednesday 1 July - burst 05


Up until now the Hong Kong government and Beijing has been very clear in that. Way, passing this law to target a very small minority of people. That's the way they've been trying to sell it to the to the Hong Kong people and basic even reading between the lines there just saying we're coming after certain activists and we're GONNA make sure they can't. Behave as they have done in the past, and so for people like Joshua Wong who? went to the US talked with politicians. Talk with Nancy. Pelosi try to get these. These sanctions placed on Hong Kong. And he's going to record to say. He knows he's at targets and it's the same for for many others. Of that ILK, so we've seen him disband Party Dempsey Sto-. we've seen other groups. Have decided to shut up shop, basically going to relocate to places like Taiwan. And the UK and carry on from outside of China. But I guess another worrying thing that we learned from the text of this law, which has just come out and we've all been reading frantically reading through it this morning. Is, this applies to anyone anywhere. It doesn't matter if you're carrying on this. Activity in the UK doesn't mean you're outside the law China will potentially. Get you this so There's no way to hide is about within that context? What does that say about what China's priorities are in terms of the way it deals with the rest of the world were I think shown pretty much complete contempt for the rest of the world I mean there has been a very. Wide reaction but I think it so so Yes, another symptom of what happens when you get kind of rogue presidency in the United. States and know Donald Trump has never shown the greatest interest in human rights. Shall we say he has never been particularly supportive of Hong Kong demonstrators? He encouraged Xi Jinping. We are told to concentration camps and Xinjiang. So I think that the of course the power that China you know most is most concerned about or has been in the past in terms of human rights violations. It's the voice of the United States which has convening power it has. It has considerable power

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