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'Pride Save America' (with Adam Rippon and Leiomy) - burst 10



Girl! About talking about this show every time a new episode drops like I had to stop myself from talking about it on. Keep it. It's so amazing. I have started watching the episodes aired in the UK so. Much further further alarm. I saw. It I was like I was like. How do I begin episodes before me? I hate this mega broken. At me. I was like who does this Nigga no like. Getting this. So so so spill your secrets. If you if you may, I'll send you okay. Ask underground railroad this shit. This is this is black him. But speaking of Meghan coming into her own, just also lastly say that cove Ed and having to do these performances at home, or in different spaces has really brought out a lot in some artist, and I would say another artist at the BT awards. Was chloe and Halle and they. Queens of this it's it is so wild to me that in less than a year they have turned out what I would call so many iconic performances, and these are performances that when we're all just like gays hanging out like we do. Lewis and we're like.

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