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Radio time is a 30 John Hickenlooper wins the Democratic nomination for the U. S senator from Colorado. His opponent, Andrew Romanoff. I called John Hickenlooper a few moments ago to congratulate him and to pledge my full support in his race against Cory Gardner. Romanoff says the race was difficult at times for all the differences that we had, and there were many In this race. I am equally committed to making sure that Cory Gardner is a one term senator and the John Hickenlooper replaces him in November. Hickenlooper rural now face Republican Senator Cory Gardner in November. Former vice President Joe Biden today, blasting President Trump's response to the Cove it 19 pandemic Joe Biden and accused President Trump of abandoning the country He leads in the midst of this growing crisis. Donald Trump failed, Biden says Trump is in retreat, and it seems like our wartime presidents

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