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The #Sparked Life Podcast: EP19 The Connection Between Purpose & Race Relations With Donald Jenkins - burst 15


Seventy hours that we put into that program. Is from personal experience. 'cause we did the research last year found that in other people's experiences as well, but it's a we. Are you know it is the DNA Amal also? and An, and now it's time for us to brainy solutions to the table so that people can understand that this has been there all the time. You just been having awareness. And now it's time flaws, the common and create that awareness, not create the awareness will give you the twos to master this as an art form. Purposes something that can be mastered as art. All practitioners the purpose. Practitioner purpose so my entire journey. JERNIGAN BE SONG UP IN DONALD J. The common a practitioner. That got me out of being homeless. You know that allow me to get a new wife that allow needs to get to go from a blended family to A. Funded family. Allow me to take purpose development from zero to hero. Everything that we're doing. That's the driving force behind everything that God has called us to do and I wish I could say I orchestrated. All of that put. I can't take credit for what you know. Get all the credit fluent.

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