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Merriam Webster's word of the day July first. Today's word is Farrago, also pronounced for radio and spelled F. A. R. A. G.. O. Farrago is noun that means a confused mixture. It's a synonym of the word. Hodgepodge, here's the word used Anna sentence from slate Laura Miller. Combining these plots is a terrible idea. For multiple reasons, one is simply logistical. The fusion turns to improbable but engaging stories into a ludicrous Farrago. The word Farrago might seem an unlikely relative of the word. Farina, the name for the mealy breakfast cereal, but the two terms have their roots in the same Latin on. Both derived from far the Latin name for spelt a type of grain in Latin, Farrago meant mixed fodder cattlefeed that is. It was also used more generally to mean mixture when it was adopted into English in the early sixteen hundreds. Farrago retained the mixture sense of its ancestor today we often use it for a jumble or medley of disorganized, haphazard

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