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83: What's Trending in the Wine World with Darren Oleksyn - burst 14


Gi they call it geographic indicator a few years ago and last month. They included Okanagan falls. They created one for that. You're mad. Events now is on the way. It looks lakes. For the consumer when you're buying wine, if you see this description on the label, you have a better idea that all the groups are from this area, so it's that area as specific line that's good or a specific sort of note to the wind. You can look forward in that wind It'd probably be there. It's just. And it's about learning. What grows best in your region twenty years ago, never be Cabernet Sauvignon grown in northern Belle. Peter Navarro down by Soyuz. Now you know figured out a Pinot noirs better in cool climates. That's growing up north. Let's do caps of down by Soyuz Nicole Bench, so just

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