Marvels Spider-Man S3E3, Avengers: Empyre #0


Hello and welcome once again. Superconductivity I'm your host Charlie. The professor s with me as always is blue eyed bomber from the pits Phil Film in Patch. How it's good have debut back once again. I thank you okay being Mister Rogers neighborhood. I'm trying to be a little low key a little low key not coming. So let's just let's just throw out with the bathwater talk about This week's episode of agents of shield. Did you see Patrick Warburton with his Charlie perfect massage? It gets better three years later. Nice yes I love that. They were that committed. You is like no no. Don't give it all away. The first in the first moments Patrick Warburton talks. Hr with Ming that win. I'm sorry Melinda May and clearly say okay so this was something Charlie who would like. Oh Gosh that was that was. That was a good episode. And it's interesting within the suggestion that all of this is meaningless because essentially what happened. Which is the weird side aspect of all of this which was that at some point the Karna calms realize well wait. We're all here to prevent ships from rising. We can just conquer this world. Now Yeah So what do we care about? If we're maintaining this time. Shame we actually are actively destroying timeshare. Now the interesting question is is. Can the time stream be repaired Which is the. This is the quantum mechanical question I addressed in the incredible Hercules without as Joe Enter. Kelly's discussing time. Which is one of my pet favorites. Theories of alternate universes is in there. They suggest the idea that will you can have alternate futures and alternate presence. You also have set pass. The idea that there is a pass and many things have happened in the past but within that they all come to bottlenecks where the past and present become one thing in the same way that you have as is established with signing times certain events being brought forward because they just have that weight in the stream of time if it imagine a flow of time which strongly this current storyline imagines in the idea that once the chronic calms leap. The the she'll team has sleep or at least the Zephyr. Hasta leap in that structure. You have what is what is essentially. This idea that time is throwing time is slipping time is dragging things and in this idea that if time is not if time isn't actual elemental force outside of the universe rather than simply a linear progression like strip which arguably time is because time is malleable. We know this just from Einsteinian relativity. That time must be malleable. Time isn't actual dementia. Not just a contractor but is actually something that flows through things in that idea in that structure then time may not be immutable or more importantly ten circle back to the point where it's meant to be. Which is the Captain America Paradox? Which means it doesn't matter if shield attempted project insight in nineteen seventy three songs fails. It doesn't matter that Susa died in nineteen fifty four. I believe if he doesn't reveal hydra that the thing that needed to happen was that hydrogen in get revealed and Suzanne get taken off the that the situation changes and then as was called out by Susa in this. So does that mean I never died and you just always went back in time and brought me forward and then and this I think is the telling thing which is mark my words. Casseus says I think this is the last time jumping with you mark. My guys are doing. It's not it doesn't make a lot of sense. And it is nineteen seventy six and my theory of Susa with a robot leg and maybe some infused superpowers. 'cause you know Nathaniel Malik who the bad. Malik think that that's the thing it's like. It was like. Oh yeah they Wilford Malik and his elder son live experts because they were actually just the worst people to be in charge of. Hydra actually going to fail at their jobs and can't let Gideon Malik get into it because Gideon Alec Becomes Hydra. Then things progressed the way they're supposed to so you gotta keep Gideon on the back burner. They have to keep everything moving forward in the way they wanted to and in in that is playing. The schilder can't stop so it's a brilliant idea. It's a brilliant concept and where it goes next is the question and it is an interesting question to say the least I love. I love the little details. Like when he saw the nineteen seventies computer. Well we'll go high tech that his. Oh well see. That is the obvious detail. Yeah the interesting here to choose super interesting details that picked up in this episode. I did you see the name of the beer. Now it's bendery. Oh like bender from Futurama which I just love. I don't know that's the actual intention of it is but to me. It's like yeah that seems like Futurama reference. Then the big. The huge the monumental anachronism in this episode was the woman when the barmaid opens the beer. It's a nineteen seventy south beer can but when she opens the beer she pulls up on the tab down those around in that June. Seventy six man who still pull tap. Maybe originally that's GONNA affect the time line. Exactly all you know what? I like because we didn't throw pulled into the ocean. Yeah actually you know we we're GONNA be overrun by race of super intelligent turtles or possibly the superior now Little detail I love. The to shield agents in the seventies had this blue in white jumpsuits. What I loved about that. They're baggy. 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