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37: Surfing the Wake of The Woke - burst 23



Aspects of this all they're given is. America home of the immigrant, yes or no. You know well I. Don't want those dirty people cluttering up our shores, I believe that our borders should be open to know people are illegal. The conversation is like the conversation that I've talked about where the pro-life people talk about an eight cell blast Ula as they call a baby or like or fetal tissue twelve seconds before birth. It's like who let the morons lead the conversation I don't know why the activists things. The activist viewpoints are allowed. Inside of our sense, making the extent that they are, or it's like you have to choose. Are you with free speech, or are you against it right? I guess I don't disagree that. These conversations aren't nuanced enough. I think I guess if I had to take a stab at why I would say because. People have short attention spans, and it's hard to convey. No, they don't have short. Attention spans with is the same the same mistake we made with television.

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