Hour 1 - Jeremy Pruitt (07-01-20) - burst 03


Test positive. You had the the general manager of the New York Yankees. Brian Cashman said we can't say who test positive. If you go on the injured like what is the designation going to be? Illness, because. You can say flu, but. You know these players are saying. Hey, you know what we have. There's privacy laws here. People are going to be betting on these baseball games. They're gonNA WANNA know. Is this player out for how long? And is he injured is e SIC. Does he have the virus? And I understand the privacy portion of this I do but. It's going to be difficult for teams to have a designation for a player who test positive. And Brian cashman admitted to. That goes on we, we can't. But we'll talk to the commissioner about that in an hour. Like what is the designation going to be?

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