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7 news on NewsRadio. 1000 Katie Okay, European Union representatives are meeting to decide Bill not who's going to be let out of the European Union. That's right, Lee. What has happened here is that the 27 representatives of the U. R are putting together a list of countries from which they will allow travel because what's happening here is the you wants to try to salvage part of the summer tourist season. Countries like Spain and Italy, which rely on tourism income have really been damaged. By this whole thing, And they want to be ableto to try to get some of this tourism the money back so the U is out with a list it has come out. Now they is out with a list of so called Safe countries from which you will be allowed to travel and okay, let me tell you if you're going to travel from Uruguay to the European Union, you're fine. Good to go if you're going to travel from Rwanda to the European Union. Good to go If you're travelling from the United States, Not so much. We did not make the list s O called safe countries. I just Always wanted to go and see how things are in Belgium these these time this time of day, and actually, I'm kidding, because my sister in law had a big trip to France and Italy and Germany all planned and that all hit the bricks on and back in March, And so she she's basically in the Depression because she couldn't go to Europe like she wanted to go. Yeah. Now this will be reviewed every two weeks by the U. They could make additions subtractions toe. There's less depending on what the infection rates are in individual countries, and they say those things they looked at here. They looked at infection rates. They looked at reliability of data. They looked at reciprocity, whether there is travel allowed from the U two individual countries. Ah, and the infection rate they were looking at is they were looking at countries that had an infection rate equal to or lower than what exists in the European Union, and that is 16 cases for 100,000 of population. United States number is 81. So that was one area where the U. S just didn't fit the threshold. However, there is one really disturbing thing here. Lee is that among the 15 countries that are being allowed in Is China. Ah and, yeah, One of the Ah, one of the factors they looked at was reliability of data coming out of countries. They watch. Yeah, I would think everybody agrees that The data coming out of China has anything being anything but reliable, So this and it is based. There is a condition on the Chinese inclusion. That is if China

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