Starting at Age 45 With a '1% Rule' Property (in New Jersey!) With Tricia Baxter - burst 06


I met her. I liked her. She was new to property management, but she had apparently a background with foreclosures, and she knew the legal aspects of it, and she also had she had run a repair company in maintenance company I'm like she has the skill sets. Let's give this a war all. Worked up fantastically. We definitely had some trial and error, and she made some mistakes, and I made some mistakes, but we're instinctive now, and it's been a year, and it's been great, but yeah. It definitely helped me because when she would come to me for questions because she had a lot of them like the first three or four months. She's still relatively new to this, so she had a questions. If I had not managed, self-managed wouldn't have known how to answer them, so it was very helpful, so she would come to me and say this this property. The sink is backed up. Up for. This toilets backed up on Mike. Oh well that one has sewer problem. We're going to have to go during the sewer line, and so I kinda knew how to direct her a little bit versus I think we would have been spinning our wheels together if I had done that. No, it's really important to be sync with your property manager because you know like you, said you self to manage for a while, so you knew the little kinks in your property. The little things that were like. Oh, just do this. That's fine. You don't have to do A. A brand new sewer line like just during the line like you're gonNA. Be Fine I think it's really important to do that.

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