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Just ahead at 10 25. W W J NEWS TIME. 10 15. Here's Jeff Lesson with sports Major League Baseball training camps open tomorrow at their home Ballpark for Detroit. Of course it's from America Park. 60 Game regular season schedule, slated to begin in July 23rd 24th Patriots in catchers. First workout is Friday. Wdbj will have coverage of that first full squad workout will be on Sunday. The question to N BA commissioner on Tuesday. Adam Silver was Is he pretty confident there will be n ba safely returning to play this summer, he said. Yes, he's pretty confident, but he did admit a significance. Fredericks Corona virus could stop play once again. He did not go on to say what would amount to a significant spread of the virus. Meanwhile, Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh he'll take a 10% pay cut is the athletic department anticipates a $26 million deficit in 2028 D. Ward manual along with basketball coach want, Howard will do the same thing. Harris English the fifth PGA Tour player to test positive for covert 19. Dylan for Telly, also testing positive. Both of them will withdraw from this week's Rocket Mortgage Classic answer to try Golf club that starts on Thursday and university Arizona footballs. Causing very

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