Case and if he was briefed And nothing was done about this.


I'm Pam Culture in Washington. The covert 19 pandemic continues to escalate in the U. S. Reuter says. More than 46,000 new cases today represents the biggest single day increase since the outbreak began. And CBS's Carter Evans says the Corona virus seems to be spiraling out of control. In some states. Some of the most alarming increase is up almost 227% in Florida, 83% in Arizona and in California. New cases, up 74% in just the past two weeks and now recovering states. New York, Connecticut, New Jersey are ordering mandatory 14 day quarantines for travelers from most of the South and West. There are no Mulligans when it comes to covert 19. Use your common sense. Massachusetts is taking it a step further. Quarantining everyone arriving from states outside the Northeast. The White House says the intelligence remains on verified so President Trump was not briefed on the report that Russia was paying the Taliban to kill US troops in Afghanistan. Democrat Joe Biden says it's not good whether he was briefed or not. So the idea that somehow he didn't know or is it being briefed It is a dereliction of duty in case and if he was briefed And nothing was done about this. That's a dereliction. President. Trump insist Germany is not meeting NATO defense spending goals, so he plans to move some US troops out of that country. More from Steve Dorsey. The Pentagon says it plans to redeploy 9500 U. S troops stationed in Germany. Pentagon officials say they'll brief congressional defense committees in the coming weeks, but lawmakers are reportedly preparing amendments in upcoming defense budget bills to block the move.

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