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My sports left to Chris Paul's a good friend of mine and neighbor, right our street. Our kids go to school together


But his legacy includes documented racism, according to official MLB historian John Thorne, Mississippi, Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves today signed a bill to retire the last state flag in the U. S with Confederate Battle Emblem. Following widespread increased pressure that came in part from the sports world. Quote. This is not a political moment to me, but a solemn occasion to lead our Mississippi family to come together. To be reconciled and to move on, in quote, Grief, said that in a statement, and those are your SportsCenter headlines. But Matt first of all, let's just go down to the bubble. Can you imagine staying in the same spot? Same room for three months. If you happen to get to the finals? What would that be like for you personally? But at the same kind of understanding The environment we're in. You know, it is uncomfortable, uncomfortable situation for the country of the hole. So you know what it pertains to basketball would be tough, But we got off on the stand. How blessed we are still Do we do, But with that, that it was definitely a number of reasons. Adam Silver today said I plan to move forward, but if they're significant spread, they will reevaluate. How would you feel is a player in that environment playing these games and sort of wondering what the count? That would be from day to day. I

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