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Be my friends, the little people. Lovely. Reiners original plan was to be the star of the show. But that role went to dig Van Dyke and Reiner played Dick Van Dyke's character, Rod Petrie's boss, Alan Lady Dick Van Dyke saying of Reiner. My mental and my idol is the sweetest man I ever met. The most talented writer ever knew. Carl Reiner has more than 400 credits to his name, including TV movies, audio recordings in many books. He worked extensively with Mel Brooks over the years, and in 2000 Reiner received the Mark Twain Prize for American humor. Reiner had three Children, including actor director Rob Reiner again. Carl Reiner was 98 for US radio News. I'm Chris Barnes. Basics has launched the US Space Forces third next generation navigation satellite for the Global Positioning System from

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