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River technology decisions aren't black and white Think red At 6 15 here's Frank and we got some college football obviously going on on a Saturday and Virginia is smiling What it's third straight beating up on duke 48 to zip their Brennan Armstrong throws for two first half touchdowns ran for another Virginia scored on all 6 possessions before the break While who's now 5 and two on the season Virginia tech are now trailing pit in Blacksburg 28 7 that's late in the third quarter Georgetown lost to holy cross 48 14 James Madison a winner over Richmond 19 to three top 25 and we've got a big major upset brewing fourth quarter about 12 minutes left number two Iowa is losing at home to Purdue 24 to 7 So this could be a huge upset as number two Iowa is down 17 Number one Georgia meantime leads number 11 Kentucky 24 to 7 after three quarters of play LSU B number 20 Florida 49 42 Coming up top of the hour capitals continue their home stand hosting Tampa Bay caps off to a one and a start Baseball playoffs ALCS game two in Houston Astros are up one zip in this series but it looks like the Red Sox are going to even this thing up Red Sox up 9 to zip They play this one in the bottom of the fourth two grand slams by the Red Sox in the first four innings How about that MLS tonight United taking on Nashville Frank Han randa BT sports Frank thank you still ahead What you don't want to hear we could be seeing the end of another housing bubble It's 6 17 When everything works together.

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