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About the dishonest fake news he he had a tweet about lindsey graham as well and i know as a jewishamerican you have very deep feelings about what you saw over the weekend but how do we move on would you like to hear from the president that you might not have heard yet well first of all i think but i think we are saying the steps towards healing and bring the country together you know this is democracy in action and democracy is not always pretty but it does require everybody participate and speak their feelings are i think we're hearing a clear and resounding voice across the country four unity and denouncement of hate and violence and um and i think that these are the necessary steps and when you look at um you look at countries that have gone the wrong direction it's because people stayed silent and so so i think that everything that we're seeing right now is painful but necessary to bring this country together and i have every confidence that we are headed in the right direction and i have confidence in the president and his leadership to bring us in the right direction because i know just yesterday there were five armed services chief siddig at data expressed their outrage at what they had seen over over the weekend in charlottesville army air force this was this on social media army air force navy marines and national guard says is it important to continue to speak out at this point well you know on present you represent those more were to veterans those those of him who served mightily and admirably end of our defeated the nazis during world war two in its eightyear hadn't when we luckily i i know many and not my own uncle fought in the pursuit affect on may he rest in peace and a and i think that he di did those veterans need to continue to be honored by people speaking out against that kind of and it's on the right and the left but it is vile hatred quote look at the people serving in the military and our veterans of which there are you know close twenty one million today and he talked about the world were to veterans verse seven hundred seventy one thousand living world war two veterans uh these are people who express and believe many different things but they all had one thing in common and that they were willing to put their lives on the line to support what america's dams four and the.

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