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Testament commentary and these are people who go to the greek and sometimes it's not just relevant wh- their interpretation of things. It's not just yeah. It doesn't have to be relevant to your life. it's the word of god which is scripture. That is relevant. you know. And that's the king james bible. That's why i wanna. I wanna don't lose focus on the king as bible even though i agree that these people who their lord dr king is probably will teach That you can they teach row about salvation. And that's the problem and i don't mind them. The free racers You know exposing that and getting right with that because it's an a very important issue you know when but really you can discover that salvation is by grace through faith in christ alone by just reading your kings bible. You don't need anything more and that's the whole point with this that you don't need anything more than your kenyans bible so The some of these preachers. They have bought this. It's called the grace new testament commentary volume said or. I think it's gonna laws so here. Then the second dacian. Our new testament commentary the new testament commentary. What's called by robert. Dan wilkin they board this and they are using it in their sermons to interpret the text and the people in this who are britain in this commentary day not king used by believers they go to the greek or the time and they use might use e- even the standard version or the new king games. One of them use. I know at least you know. So it's it's It's it's Messy in that sense it. So i i recommend people to to not lose focus on the on. Your king gains bible now. Hello okay. so i'm going to weak-kneed you wait. I'm doing really quick here. When i'm going to talk about what i think about these stuff..

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