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Carl Reiner wrote lots of episodes


Carl Reiner wrote lots of episodes of the show, and he played Alan Brady, the arrogant and egotistical star of the show within the show. You know these advertising guys very sensitive Nappanee roll man, So I'll do it. I'll do all the romance. Okay, fellas, we'll grab a quick bite and get over there. I couldn't eat a thing I'm treating. I'm starving Show ran from 61 to 66. It made stars of both Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore. Here's Dick Van Dyke on NPR talking about Carl Reiner. He's another or even my mentor and good friend. Possibly the best comedy writer who ever lived. Carl Reiner directed more than a dozen movies, including The Jerk Steve Martin played Navan. Ah, white dope raised by a black family here, he learns that he was adopted Navan. And not a natural born child. You were left on our doorstep. We raised you like you were one of us. You mean I'm going to stay this color? Carl Reiner and Steve Martin made four movies together. Here's Martin at the American Film Institute. We became very, very close friends. He was like a father to me. Although I wouldn't let him bathe me like he wanted to, and I If there's a theme to Carl Reiner is career. It's that, along with being funny himself, he made other comics funnier. He was a Mench, a good guy. He won nine Emmys and a Grammy. Yet whenever it was time to take credit for something, Carl Reiner would almost always deflect the credit to his partners. From Mel Brooke. Mel Brooks is the single funniest human being I've ever met, and I met him a night to his wife of 65 years, Estelle. I never felt I had enough words to be a right of my wife is the one who gave me the key. Estelle Reiner died in 2008. They had three Children, including Rob Reiner, who inspired by his dad has also directed and acted in dozens of movies and TV shows. Carl Reiner was active well into his nineties on parks and recreation. He'd played a politically powerful senior. Look, I don't have a lot of time. Oh, God, I'm so sorry. Cancer. No, I don't have a lot of time before my swim aerobics. He did voiceovers for the Siri's Bob's burgers, and he maintained an active Twitter account. In their old age. Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks had dinner together many night in 2012. They did an episode of Jerry Seinfeld's Web series comedians in cars getting

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