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Wants you find Kim Glovis that's coming up right after traffic and weather on the to over to justice. Next lot, Steve, starting off on 95 in Delaware County, still jammed south bound for the church for 52 state lines. Just the right lead gets through North bound. The left lane is closed between the state line to tie Chester Avenue. That's just causing a minor delay. Also 95 South minor delay Approaching Bridge Street due to roadwork One lane is closed. Scougall Expressway westbound slow, but better from University Avenue to divine should express way still work crew out there blocking the right lane. The reason to stay away. In University City, Walnut Street, closed between 38th and 39th to the water department work. That closure goes until midnight tonight, and not about Lincoln Drive also shut down between Ridge Avenue declined in street for overnight construction that should be reopened. At 5 30 went Wednesday morning for 76 blue route. No problems both directions. Same of the turnpike for 22 minor delay westbound near Limerick due to construction in New Jersey. Minor delay in Route 55 south bound between exits 56 53. Due to roadwork. And then run a meat. It's 1 68 The black horse Pike slow both directions right around Eve from a road that is due to construction and watch out for vehicle Fire. Atlantic City Expressway eastbound

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