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Marshals are continuing their search today for a former chief of staff to ex Maryland governor Larry Hogan. Roy McGrath failed to appear in court Monday for the first day of his trial on wire fraud and embezzlement charges, a law enforcement source tells CBS News, McGrath's family was at his home in Florida when FBI agents visited the home yesterday. The source also said McGrath's high profile and the widely circulating photos of him will make it hard for him to remain at large. Federal judge will hear arguments in a high stakes court case that could threaten access to abortion medication and blunt the authority of drug regulators. Christian conservatives are suing, aiming to overturn the FDA's more than two decade old approval of a certain abortion drug, which is taken in pill form. The lawsuit alleges the FDA's approval of the drug was flawed for several reasons, including an inadequate review of the pills, safety risks. The suit also challenges several later FDA decisions that loosened restrictions on the pill, including eliminating a requirement that women pick it up in person. 6 24. I'm Peter Greenberg, and this is today's ion travel minute. It's a different kind of travel experience, but gaining in popularity. Dark sky tourism, destinations that pride themselves on the evening hours and being ideal for looking up at the sky. There's even an international dark sky association that certifies locations for the quality of their starry sky viewing. Check out bar Z island in the United Kingdom with an international dark sky sanctuary certification. If you want an exceptional glimpse of the Milky Way, there are four prime destinations. Plan a trip out to a Welsh island or travel to the great barrier island in New Zealand. The jump up in Queensland, Australia, where stick close to

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