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Of drugs that would be judged that. You're you're selling a trafficker. I mean, if you just have marijuana or something. No, one cares. I mean, they really don't you get a you. Get a payout ticket. There's there's. If you have a joint or something car. It's a payout. Ticket people. A total misunderstanding of what it takes to go to prison. Now, it is not minor offenses that doesn't happen. But when you have a serious problem. I mean, for instance. You could possess an amount of car fan and all which could kill a hundred thousand people if they're dumb enough to line up, take it. Yes. The dumbest that you're not the overtaken. It's overtaken it's overtaken or causing death. In Hamlin county. By twice easily. These overdoses, but you could kill her thousand people possess that much car sentinel. And you know, what it is? Now that would be a misdemeanor. It's like getting a D Y. It's crazy the entire. I don't I know what the the goal you. Explain this to me because what I read is the following that if you're possess enough of a drug that would be five times more than the pharmaceutical recommended amount for daily usage that that can still would still be considered to be a felony. And certainly enough car one hundred thousand people would be a felony. Is that true or not because that's what I read. It is not true. It is not true. It will be it would be a misdemeanor the corner. Sheriff in by the way, everyone I I would like to find one person who works in the court system. The Ohio prosecuting attorneys association..

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