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Think tony snell. Just because he's so consistent. I mean he's not flashy. But i could see especially with what they're going to want to do with that second unit and if they're really gonna try to hand the keys to anthony simon's on offense. I see tony. Snell being the guy. But i think this is gonna gonna battle him. I think that's my for me. The most interesting battling camp is what's going to happen with tony style and the little and who can edge the other one out because with a new coach. I just think tony snell's not the guy is gonna go out there and make self inflicted mistakes were necessarily little. You know being a younger player trying to prove himself my back himself into a corner a little bit. But you know. Kevin pelton brought up a very interesting idea as far as you know rolling out a jumbo lineup. And maybe we see a little bit of larry nance junior at the small forward position in certain lineups. And you know. I just haven't seen it before but i you know it's an interesting thought exercise and i'm wondering if it's something that they will try to experiment with At least early in the season. Yeah i mean. Cleveland had some lynam slash year with With especially earlier in the season in love. And and larry nance so. I think it's entirely possible. Obviously i think this will be a little bit better. It'll just depend. How shakes out. But again like i agree like i totally see that and i agree as well on nas because he was a guy. One of the few gripes had with terry stotts last year and just in terms of rotations. Because i've never really had an issue with his rotations. I've always thought he's pretty good job of managing it last year. Though i wanted nas to play more and it didn't happen. I think this year's your that becomes a real rotation guy because you can look up and down the roster. Think they're eight eight. Pretty clearly solidified spots nine. I think if you're including tony. Snell if i can count correctly That's eight or nine. But point being nas unlocks like that last piece where you can say okay. He's playing ten twelve minutes a game. We need somebody else. who can. Maybe that doesn't like like a super size of like talking about or even downsizing you play him at the three rokos at the four. And you have larry at the five like you can do just a lot more..

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