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Yes yeah and guys. I think we've we've we've heard such you know horrible stories of situations of women being so desperate but then you you forget how desperate how desperate can feel if you have no no out in something like this. That's that's hard on the yeah. Yeah it's very hard and so what these activists want is for the system to take on this issue so that women can go to a hospital and can get an abortion in a way that is safe in a way. That is secure again. These are circumstances were basically women. Don't have to be victimized by the circumstances under which they got pregnant rice over. We're talking about someone who got pregnant because of a rape case if then you're telling that person that they cannot get an abortion you are re victimizing them and when it comes to women who are at risk because of their pregnancy. These are some of the cases that have gotten the most attention especially the case of asada whose nickname is has been on cpa so she was the sixteen year old girl that she needed Cancer treatment for leukemia and it was denied by the doctors because she was pregnant and she ended up passing away. Old mundi is holding kepala. Come into your komo. Speranza level center. Is he say sandusky stopping but assad then yellow samya escudo threat amino toco the forensic sequel constitutional when the case of autosound spent on seat. That happened. funder was actually there to speak out about that issue too and we actually have taper for at that time to determine salary with a meeting of yet i inaugurations to media with dr funder said. Is that if it's been on cpa hadn't been pregnant or if she had been a man she would have gotten the treatment that the medical protocol for a case like this is to end the pregnancy in the first trimester so that the patients can get the treatment. This is a case that happens over ten years ago and her mom has been very outspoken to this day about how she says. The system basically took her daughter from her. He is have the we that omitted in jail. And this is actually case that was taken on by the interamerican commission of human rights because even from an international standpoint. It's it's sort of an indictment on the system here coming up.

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