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Traffic in fifteen seconds. Brought to you by Yankee, custom truck accessories. Banner SUV, visit Yankee custom truck to outfit and protect your vehicle with weathertech floor liners access tunnel cover and more plus expert on site installation in Tewkesbury Saugus. Brockton. Parlance CR, huge inventory. Gangqi custom truck dot com. Parts right now. Three twenty three traffic and weather together. And we say Hello to Mike with the Subaru retailers of New England all-wheel-drive traffic on the threes. What's the latest? Yeah. Problems to the south Laurie ninety five southbound crawling from one twenty eight in canton down into Norwood. That's a left lane crash at the Pons at St. the expressway. Southbound is crawling out of the tunnel down towards the gas tag, it loosens up from there down to the Brian down to Brian Daf. Northbound is crawling from Braintree past Nepal and now coming up towards the tunnel to route three southbound has that stop and go down pass union straight up north four ninety five north is locked up from route one fourteen up into Lawrence over two miles of stop and go that's a left lane crash after the double decker bridge. One. Twenty eight is sluggish both ways through Waltham and Lexington and ninety three northbound is slow going from the upper deck out through Medford route three North Slope has conquered road. And one delays from Sargent street up to Linden street revere, the mass pike westbound seeing delays past Newton corner. Out after one twenty eight downtown the Ted Williams tunnel. Westbound Jetta crawl all the way through into that connector tunnel. The Leverett Connector's filling in quickly drive east is back before the longfellow bridge by king WBZ's traffic on.

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