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Larry Krueger, Todd Husak get ready for the national championship on this Saturday morning. If you're if you look outside window, the wind is howling the rains are coming. It's a good time battened down the hatches and watch some football. And we're going to get you ready because we're gonna talk a little bit about all the games weekend. All the playoff games as well. As the national championship game Monday night, which I will be at and I'm really excited the two best teams in all of college football album. Clemson, and I guess for me, the my my question in this thing is how will the freshman quarterback? Trevor Lawrence handle the tide. The types got a ton of big time players on their front seven and. Clinton Williams is a three hundred pound wrecking ball. He's been arguably one of the more dominant interior guys we've seen in college football in recent years, and he's he's gonna be lining up right over his nose. So Trevor warrants is spectacular. He's a five star recruit. They compared him to Peyton Manning. He's six six to fifteen with a gun he can run. But this is a tall task Todd task him to get this win. I think this game way it's very similarly to the USC Texas game that incredible Rose Bowl one of the greatest. Maybe the greatest college football game of all time. I still we'll show ma'am, if Reggie Bush doesn't try to lateral and they fumbled. And texts I think USC wins. I gained by thirty mean, they were they were driving down to go up twenty one points. He lateraled fumbled Texas down and scored. And all of a sudden, it was a seven point lead in Texas ended up winning still the I think that's the greatest game I've ever seen. This one has the potential to be that match up. There is NFL talent everywhere. I was talking last night to Stanford. I don't think the Pac twelve the entire conference has a single defensive lineman that would start in this game. And these guys are big and strong and fast on both sides explosive offenses on both sides. I am fascinated to see how it matches up. It's not one great offense versus a great defense. It's too great offenses versus two great defenses. Clearly, the two best teams all season long. I am pumped for this match up on Monday night. Are you a fan of to us as a as a as a pro as a as a at the next level? So I knew Greg Cosell asked me this this week are actually right before you came on. I mentioned that I was not a huge fan. And he was it sounded like he was taken back by that. Like, he maybe he has some special category. I need to see more. But I I don't I see a really great college football team in a smart athletic conscientious, work football player. But I don't know if I see a star NFL quarterback. I think he's a little bit like Matt liner. He he throws an incredibly catchable ball. He is one of the most accurate quarterbacks I've ever seen. He threw four touchdown passes and only had three incompletions gets Oklahoma that that was impressive his confidence and comfort with the offense. He makes the right read almost every time that the opening play against Oklahoma fakes inside handoff hits the receiver in stride in between a linebacker and safety. And it's a big play the way he runs that offense. It's timing. He is incredibly accurate both underneath in deep pass. He's more athletic than liner. You know, he's he's a really good athlete who can move inside the pocket. It's a great comparison because it's so hard to avow it was hard to evaluate liner. Which is why he went so high in the draft because of all the talent around, and I think the exact same thing you can say about two. Yeah. I think they're very similar and he's young though, he can get better. He doesn't drive the ball. Like, I don't see him throwing many twenty yard comebacks from the right hash to the left side line. Doesn't Lawrence has. I think the stronger arm, but to is unbelievably confident and competent and he makes his player teammate surrounding better. He trusts guys. I think we're Alabama's different than yours past. They have the great defense and save and lead defense. You're you're expecting the the big time players up front. They can create pressure with four guys that's one of the similar comparisons. Between both teams they can both create pressure with only four rushers which gives the secondary chances to make plays which they do. But I think two is the perfect quarterback for that system. And he has helped this team become one of them. They are the most efficient offense in the country. There. Score more often than they don't on their drives. It's it's incredible to watch them in their efficiency and the playmakers around him. It's an exceptional offensive group. And they've destroyed teams this year. I mean, I'm just looking at the Alabama average winning margin against teams in the top twenty five top twenty. Was twenty one point nine points. They were beating the best teams on their schedule by three touchdowns. So that's that's kind of where it's at. I mean to me if you look at these two teams, they they are the two best teams. But if strength the schedule is the biggest difference. I mean, Alabama played a bunch of teams. Yeah. People laugh about their Patty cake late season citadel matchups or whatever. But I mean, ultimately they played five teams in the top twenty. And Clemson by by, you know, contra by comparison, I should say you could argue dominated a week's schedule. I mean, the ACC was a down year. They beat am the you know, they beat Notre Dame. I don't know that Notre Dame belonged in the national semi. I know they ran the table. But I have first of all how do you see Clemson? Do you see Clemson see Clemson as a clear cut beneath Alabama? I don't see them as a one. A I see them as one is Bama in. Wisconsin. I I disagree. I think Clemson is every bit as good as Alabama their their schedule was not as good, and they have taken advantage of it. But number one team in the country against the rush yards per rush number one team in the country in rushing average. And we're not even talking about Lawrence at it. But if you will get Clemson the teams that comes and played this year, they shredded some horrendous run dis. Yes. So their numbers are are a little bit over a little bit God than they should be eighteen average eight yards a carry and I really like run fro Justin Ross in the semi-final game was incredible. And that's big time playmakers on both sides. And I think he Higgins Monday night war athletic, Monday night. It's gonna come down to big plays on offense. I think it's really hard to sustain drives against both of these defenses. So it's going to who can get more chunk place. Oklahoma had a lot of chunk plays against Alabama mostly later in the game. But that's the one thing if you look at Alabama, maybe their weakness their middle of the country ranked sixty six I think in allow. Plays over twenty yards. So yes, they can put pressure on the quarterback. But they they will give up some big plays. I think if Clemson can take advantage of that that will be the different both teams if whoever gets more big plays because I think there will be big plays on defense. They'll be turnovers they'll be Sachs which offense can create more plays down the field. Whether it's big Russia's or long passes. We'll take it home. Clemson's D line is absolutely dominant to me, and they don't even have their big boy right now. And they sat the book last week six times in books fast. The Brent Venables is one of the better defensive coordinators gallon. I I love Bama in this game for a couple of reasons. I love Quentin Williams, I think he'll dominate front, but it's this wide receiver Jerry Judy in thinking a bunch of wide receivers. But judy's the best of them. I would imagine clemson's going to try to double him, but he is total NFL. And I expect him to go off. I think you'll have a big night. Well, that's the this Alabama team is different than yours pass were there. They have. A big time passing game too was exceptional all season Heisman runner up the knockoff winner. Judy won the Belinda cough. Were you would not expect Alabama to have the number one wide receiver in the country? Jay Harris was the best player in this region in the high school level just a couple of years ago. He goes there. He's twenty seven in one. He doesn't even really play that much. He's he's their second-string sitting behind Damian Harris whose guys would be Provo NFL running Nick saban's. He doesn't get enough credit for how he recruits and sells these kids. Jalen hurts didn't transfer. He kept them and they needed him against Georgia in the SEC championship game. And he delivered it mean. And does a great job. Not just building the program with players, but coaching these guys and getting them to believe in a system. I'm going Bama, you're going Clemson. Clemson you're gonna come. All right. Bradley Pinon said he's expecting Clemson to come out. And you know, throw the ball down the field and have it be a real shootout? I think bama's the class here. I think they're gonna show up Monday night. All right. We're gonna take a time out. We're going to check in with a guy who has something to say about this. I'm sure and that's Dave Flemming. The voice of the giants. The voice of college football on ESPN and one of the best young football broadcasters in the country. He's seen a lot of the top bowl games as well. It's been really traveling around the country since baseball season ended doing an awful lot of college football. So we'll check in with Dave and get his thoughts on Monday night as well. Some of these NFL games this weekend on these sports later..

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