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Their ears should be. They should be wondering. What are we gonna do? Yeah. Agreed. We're going to continue to protect our communities. We were concerned about the amount of people that are going to flow into this country into our communities, and so we're watching this very closely, but you're a firm law enforcement guy, and I say that yes, it's a compliment. But it's also your job. I've got people up in Travis county, Texas, not far from where I am where where the sheriff just doesn't care about enforcing the law. I'm gonna nor those laws I'll enforce these laws. You seem to be a guy that says, no, here's the book. This is where the laws are. I'm gonna follow those. I'm gonna enforce those going to make sure people abide by them. What reaction you get from people and Pinal county the residents there last question, Mark, I appreciate the time. What reaction do you get from them when you say if and when they get here, we're going to make sure that we stick to the laws in our is there a sense of nervousness among the community now with all these people headed that way. You know, we are very supportive community because we deal with it so much, you know, in this county everybody understands the majority of the people understand the immigration issue. We're cars running from Assam Assan air almost every night. We're dealing with drugs coming into our communities our youth being affected by heroin. And by by by these other drugs that they're trying to get arts are American public in our youth. So here in Arizona in here now county, we'll get it for the most part. And so we get a lot of support, and they expect to be I was voted into this position on those grounds that I was strong border security and protecting our communities. So we have a lot of support from our people pack count. How good they sound like very good people. And they certainly have a great sheriff sheriff, Mark lamb. But now county Arizona, thanks a million. I appreciate you. Thank you. Joe? Appreciate it back after this is the Joe pags show. Stay right here. You're listening to Joe. Relief factor is a great.

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