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Carl Reiner, Johnny Mandel Co And Dad discussed on AP 24 Hour News


They kick Miss Hood off his body is his shoulder. The judge rule Ralph is not a flight risk. This is AP News. Composer Johnny Mandel has died. He was 90 for Johnny Mandel Co wrote the shadow of Your Smile with Paul Francis Webster for the movie the Sandpiper and not only won an Oscar for best original song. It beat out yesterday by the Beatles for the song of the Year Grammy in 1966. Mandel is also famous for composing this song. Bandele worked as a music arranger for Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows, played Trombone and Trumpet for Jimmy Dorsey and Count Basie and worked on that Lee Cole's unforgettable album. Margie Szaroleta and Carl Reiner died. The creator of the Dick Van Dyke Show, and Rob Reiners. Dad, I came to him and I said Dad. I want to change my name and he thought, Oh my God, The poor kid. He's scuttle the burden of being Carl Reiner son. He just wants to get away from it. And he said, What do you want to change your name to? And I said, Carl, if you just wanted to be like Carl Reiner was 98 I made Donahue AP News. AP

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