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Listening you're not supposed to read it here for a single exactly as i do feel like paul gets a little like high on himself like if you could be like me. Because i'm single and i think he gets a little hot on himself. I dunno know or opinion of paul. And i do think i know i don't like anyone in the bible don't like jona don't like pau okay. Let's let's segway. Let's just so. Who are your favorite characters the bombing or other than jesus did not say. Oh gosh i mean. I'm gonna say i love all the ladies. There's a lot of ladies that i appreciate the named ones or the unnamed heroes heroines definitely. Both i mean i really. I really just appreciate a lot of the unnamed people or just two people that have very brief. They just appear very briefly. I guess like minor pitchers. I think about the I heard great things about jesus feeds the five thousand like that. The most important character is the mom that packed the boys lodge that more people that we don't think about iowa's i love to think about those characters are. This is important line of conversation. I think because it's not. It's not going to be surprising that i'm going to resume with the the male figure who has some authority right at surprising. Gosh my favorite characters in the bible. After i feel about jona new testament i i love the complexity of peter's character. Yeah yeah for sure that. He is like so full of of enthusiasm on screws up. You know Crestfallen and then he gets lifted up his emotional roller coaster. That is peter's life. I appreciate that he so human and then you know. Obviously jesus. I mean act. Were and. I'm not being flippant about that. But everything that we ever. Our theology revolves around his teachings in his ministry. And example in incarnation. So on that i should go without saying i i love about paul is that he is what we get to see about paul in real not real time but as his career unfolds is him trying to work through these very complex theological ideas and transition himself and therefore us from Our salvation history pre christ to our salvation history in light of the ministry of christ and his death resurrection. And i think you know that that theological rammer that he lays is so is so foundational for everything that we believe that. He's he's a vitally important person and so his imperfections his you know the places where he misses the mark in my opinion. I'm willing to overlook those because there was so much that he was dealing with you know in his mind was it. He wouldn't.

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