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Can you believe that Jonathan Bernie? Wow. Now I'm gonna and the only reason I do that. Because there's a bunch of thanks are casting. Yeah. Well. Not just that it was just an excuse to reset the Bernie comments on Nelson Mandela few years back Ray called Mandela, one of the most known athletes in the world. Both on and off the ice. No, it didn't. Nelson Mandela fundraiser as well. And so he's funny. No, no. He was just trying to fake his way through an exam, like a kid who didn't study sort of thing, like just before it came up and said, what is Nelson Mandela mean to you Jonathan, and he's at a Nelson Mandela fundraiser, and he goes, oh, well, he's certainly was most well, known athletes on and off the ice. It was terrible. Yeah. The other small shoe of him crushing apartheid, what about that? What about, you know? I think that a lot of the guys his age. You know, if you go up to the average Canadian in their early twenties when this probably went down and you ask them that question, you probably have a lot of people going to. I don't know but you're actually at an event with Nelson Mandela's name, all over you think at some point during the dinner you'd go who is this guy anyway? Anyway, Stevie and all you gotta do at the number thing, okay with the famous number who are the famous first of all, you got expand. You gotta get outta hockey. You gotta use all sports. That's what I'm thinking when I'm when I'm in the forties like this. The NHL is not real. Yeah. You got to cut cut the hockey court. Okay. And let's go to let's go to football Stephen football over up. Okay. Football and cricket. Okay. Cricket there's other sports basketball baseball numbers. Okay, let's start going there. Or Steve just make it up Matt, you know, no one will know no one will know my like to go like the most famous guy to where where number forty five was Bernie bullet, Nicole. Right. The CF L. Fred, first of all got his first name Fred, Freddie, Belinda cough. Right. You believe me you at your you go. Yeah. No kidding. I remember that name. Yeah. Believe switch it up on the fly right now, so episode Forty-five great players to wear forty five, and I'm a big Expos guy, as you know, going, Steve Rogers, who conjures up some tough memories with blue Monday. And all, but I'm going Steve Rogers, ladies and gentlemen, Steve, Steve Rogers, you're going to now you gave me no heads up on this. Right. Just to tell the listener Steve Rogers is from broken arrow, Oklahoma. Why do you know that? Why do you know that in? No so little else. I'll tell you, I'll tell you why. When I moved here, I had only been to one baseball game in my life. I moved out here in nineteen eighty five when I was.

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