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Cabinet Discounters, free quality, free price. Hey everybody, this is Bill Maher and you're on with Dean Lane and let me tell you, he's one of the good guys and I ought to know. It's Saturday morning, it's the weekend everybody, we've made it. Thanks for spending it with us here at WTOP this June 10th where the time now is 1 38. Traffic and weather on the 8th and when it breaks, first to Brendan Joseph this morning with us Saturday at the WTOP Traffic Center. As you're heading through the district, you'll see construction on DC 295 northbound, first from Pennsylvania Avenue and East Capitol Street. Only one lane is getting by and you'll see heavy Benning north of Road, excuse me, you'll see a lane restriction there as well and some heavy volume through that area. On the beltway in the outer loop in Virginia from Route 7 into 66. Overnight construction set up there. Three lanes are blocked, just ones getting by. That's about still adding 10 minutes onto your drive. Inner loop of the beltway is clear, no major delays to report at the moment. Through Virginia on 66 as you head eastbound, you'll see construction between 234 and Centerville. Westbound 66 also construction set up around Centerville. You'll see the two left lanes blocked in both directions, but no major problems in either direction. Into Maryland in Rockville, 270 northbound the local lanes between Montrose Road and Falls Road. A crash taking out the right lane, not a big delay, but he's caution as he had passed the scene. Traffic looks good on 95 between Washington and Baltimore. No delays on the VW and Parkway traffic is moving freely on 50. If you're making your way out to the Eastern Shore, the hot sevens scratch offs from the Maryland Lottery are coming in hot. Choose from six different scratch offs with top prizes from a thousand to a million dollars. Stay hot with hot seven scratch offs. Please play responsibly. I'm Brandon Joseph WTOP traffic air

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