Amanda Gorman's poem for Biden's inauguration banned by Florida school


A complaint from a parent is landed a poem written for President Biden's inauguration on a restricted list at a Florida elementary school. It's not clear what in the poem the hill we climb by Amanda Gorman is objectionable to a Miami Lake's parent, but daily Salinas says she doesn't favor eliminating or censoring any books, but she does want materials to be appropriate for students. Florida's governor Ron DeSantis has made headlines with his policies that promote books censorship. The nation's first national youth poet laureate then 17 year old Amanda Gorman, said her poem, which was read January 20th, 2021, was intended to be a message of hope, without ignoring the evidence of Discord and division in the country. In response to the restrictions at the school. She says she's gutted and concerned that authorities are robbing children of the chance to find their voices in literature. I'm Jackie Quinn

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