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Bail out America's cities just as you've bailed out the banks there's no way to sugarcoat what the corona virus is doing to the economy he said adding quote the two thousand eight recession hurt but this is bigger and will hurt more to recycle tell NPR news Los Angeles new York's governor says that starting this week thousands of residents will undergo the state's covert nineteen antibody testing from member station WSHU Charles lane reports the food and drug administration has approved this they have this new antibody tests but officials continue to ask for more help on the other task that diagnostic test New York says they need millions of these tests in order to find the people who have the disease and then keep them isolated from the others New York is asking for help in getting the testing supplies and also the money to implement the testing Charles lane reporting in Brooklyn officials of the cobble hill health center nursing home say at least fifty five people there have died from what they believe is the coronavirus none was tested before death you're listening to NPR news live from KQED news I'm Brian what San Francisco supervisors are considering an emergency ordinance that would prevent landlords from raising rents during the corona virus pandemic if passed the legislation would prohibit any residential rent increases as long as the city is under emergency health orders supervisor Aaron Peskin a landlord himself is the lead sponsor of the bill this is in no way a magic bullet and we're all going to have to figure out during the recovery period how people get back on their feet but this is another tool in that tool chests to deal with people who are under extreme amounts of financial pressure the supervisors land use committee is expected to discuss the bill today California is spending billions of dollars to combat the effects of the corona virus pandemic KQ weedy politics editor Scott Shafer reports that in Sacramento this morning and assembly budget oversight committee will review how that money is being spent the state is likely to spend at least seven billion dollars this year for supplies and protective equipment for hospitals and frontline health workers to reduce spread of the virus today the committee will review what's been spent so far and what additional costs are likely for the rest of twenty twenty testimony will be given remotely online but most members of the committee are expected to appear in person after nearly a decade of economic growth California has at least eighteen billion dollars in reserve but lost revenue.

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