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To a halfmillion dollars instantly thirty two southern utah 23 330 it's going to turn to protect the basketball another free ball callaway this one is no good rebound caches wednesday down quarter comes to mcquaid mcquaid alfran ran order goes winston long three man all mad he's got he's on fire he has go back to the rutgers game the end of that one he's now made five threes in a row unbelievable we talked about our i came in shooting close to seventy percent the last five games threepoint range and he just needs some more made 3's and he will qualify to be one of the best 3point shooters in the country it's amazing would i callaway goes ryan add jackson and more bad idea strap was rejected i don't know who got up a lot sparky de had no hope our mac thing with it all now jackson there's a reach in foul called against mcgee of southern utah it looks like journey jackson's gonna head of the free throw line is that foul was i'm again that's his first josh lying for checking back information state so is miles bridges mcquaid's have solid first half he's going to take a break so stump dumb there senior from the bahamas threetime captain not bad now that at all bridges right now stuck on five points but seven rebounds great job rebound the basketball well jackson to attitude to from the lime in this game he's got six total 3 rebounds jobs away no a rare miss in this game for michigan state rebound comes after shuttling utah shutters to eight to go for.

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