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In my household for buying musical instruments and not learning the me too so at one point at various points have had a lap pedal steel guitars i've a violent in my closet me to a nother stupid i'm about buy tickets are really saving the money for a like a pedal sealer elapsed elapsed deal okay yeah do you have pedal steel i did wow a by the carter starter which is a good little entry level carter pedal steel and i got to where i could make a couple of the swell in which is like it's i got it because it's my favorite sound in the world it's magic it really meant might be my favorite son in the world is the swell in the band pedals steel guitar yeah and i learn how to make that one sound stopped i would say the same place really hard i haven't harriman oh did you you that's how i feel about their american go like man this is not surprise me at all did you build it oh no oh yeah i know could totally do that until the thurman he probably had no interest in there's lots of there's lots of folks say they could do that i bought it on the versatility of all you guys though 'cause 'em seems like everyone and does a little bit of this a little bit of that in like the talent pool we have been in this company in the engineering in producing department is really pretty staggering i think i i wonder if people have experienced it i've that i've had where it's like i was sort of i have some degree of it's mostly bartending yeah and i had all these things there's interest is in like how did it go together what am i doing and i were in my time and all these projects and then you get summer he like he like here where it's it's almost like a a a creative things tax law where it's like any idea is a good idea yeah and everyone sort of feed off each other's energy and you're like oh all these all these things that i didn't know i was wasting my time on right now come into play sort of they you know me up yeah and you've got this little arsenal yeah at your disposal a otherwise known as you talent but now you're in a job where they're all coming into play and you came in at a great time to because it got really lucky yeah like now you guys are all walking up the ladder in in the network is growing and no one i think more than knoll brown jerry roll into a couple of our old friend i think everyone should just know you just pointed to empty chair as if they're they're dead find it in one chair and an invisible nolan and another sherpur invisible jerry as far as i know

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