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Flood it's kyrghiz irving chasing by jackie mcmullan it's the first day of school september two thousand eight and a teenager navigates the hallways of saint patrick high school alone fending off a twinge of panic he sense senses the sideways glances here's the whispers he notes the blatant steers for a fleeting moment the 16yearold considers why did i do this why didn't they just leave well enough alone he'd been content at montclair kimberly academy the tony private school where he'd racked up one thousand points over his freshman and sophomore years leading the team to a new jersey prep be state title everybody knew the precocious point guard the one so innovative with the ball that the faculty flocked two games to see what he would do next the comfortable choice would have been to stay alongside his childhood friends from west orange the ones who've been bowling with him since fourth grade who engaged in epa a games of 21 in each other's driveways the ones who knew that their front was different when a piece of his backboard ripped off and after hundreds of attempts he mastered a new shot that accounted for the trajectory of the ball off the damaged corner but during countless au tournaments when he spent his free moments studying elite players he wondered how we measured up there was only one way for kyrghiz irving to find out so he transferred to saint patrick located in elizabeth about a half hour drive south of montclair it was a national powerhouse program coached by kevin boil who'd mentored nba pros al harrington and samuel dallin mbare now as irving wanders through a blur of faces enemies of unfamiliar hallways a boy in high tops and genes stress toward him who are you the boy asks i don't know who you are.

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