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Never seen anything like this. Serena would go on to lose to Naomi Asaka in the final after the match. Serena highlighted what she views is a double standard between men and women tennis players for me to say thief in take a game. It made me feel like it was a sexist remark. Like how he's never took a game from a man because I said feet. For me, it blows my mind, Mike, smells, WCBS NewsRadio. Eight eighty there's no new date to open the West Chester bound span of the new tappan Zee bridge Terry towel, president of tappan Zee constructors talked about what is happening there. The engineers are mobilizing onsite and we've had grown pictures up on the bridge. So they can evaluate what's going on with the structure. The bridge was supposed to open yesterday, but because of a risk of the old bridge. Collapsing that didn't happen. Tropical storm Florence's barreling towards the southeast with potentially torrential rains and high winds. Daniel Brown is a hurricane specialist with the National Hurricane Center threat of impacts along a portion of the east coast United States continues to increase. However, we're still, you know, essentially four to five days away from 'em. And it's really too soon to determine exact timing and location of who could get the worst of the impact. Florence is expected to strengthen into a hurricane later today in turn into a major hurricane tomorrow. States of emergency have been declared in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Former President Obama calling on voters to flip the house in November at a campaign event in California yesterday. Obama came here to California for a pep talk. Are you ready to get to work? The.

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