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In two thousand fourteen krista and her first husband were divorced. The grew apart essentially living separate lives. She met a man online and a new relationship started in two thousand fifteen. She married her second husband even though he had been convicted of armed robbery by twenty sixteen the relationship had taken a turn and krista filed an affidavit for restraining order. She said she was scared for her safety and that her husband had stabbed her in the past and tried to stab her friends by the end of two thousand sixteen. She was divorced from her second husband. She had also met the man who would become her third husband. And ultimately her murderer mark man was divorced macho and seemingly adored krista however one of christopher's friends said mark was wicked nice when he was sober but when he got drunk he became violent. Many calls were made to the atoms police department. One time resulting in mark being arrested however krista forgave him and he came back the couple married in april. Twenty seventeen at windsor lake. Krista was wearing a wedding gown. She made herself with beads stitched into the bodice mark. Who had take christie's last name to become mark steel nuts. Lien told her that she was unlike anyone he had ever met. And that's why i fell in love with you. Unfortunately transgender people are more vulnerable to violence than those who identify as the sex they were born with a two thousand fifteen study found that thirty one percent of transgender people have experienced domestic violence compared to twenty percent of non trans people. The reasons are many and complex for one. Many transgender people do not have a support group air estranged from their families and fear going to the police transphobia still a very real issue as many transgendered individuals report being fired because they were trans. They are harassed frequently and almost half have been sexually assaulted in their lives. Additionally straight men dating or married to transgender women have their sexuality questioned.

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