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The Lebron James Yeah in your life. Yes. The equivalent. So, how did you guys meet? What was your needing love story I part of my job is to go out and shoot remote pieces and so way back in late nineteen, ninety, nine I, shoot a remote at a top advertising agency and I'm just supposed to go into this room and be a wise guy. Now that's unusual exactly and I walk into this room and I'm bringing this up because people can Google Conan meets his wife going meets Liza because cameras are rolling and I walk into this room of eleven people. So we're sitting here with the creative team. For FCB and everyone here is in black, which is I. Guess a New York advertising thing I immediately start talking to her find, and then I'm not even trying to be funny I'm just saying wait. So so where'd you go to school? Oh that's interesting and not even trying to be funny I'm just trying to find out more about this woman and my producers are listening in the next room and they're watching this know like what the efficacy what's he doing? This is what what is it, and then I left the room after this twenty minute conversation with only her. And I said well, I think that went pretty well and there's Nothing, we can use and then and then I said we should probably get everybody's like name and number and my my head writer Mike Sweeney said it's that. It's that blonde woman isn't it and I went no no no, and he said, why would we need their information and I went for editing? Editing, what are you talking about? So. Then we were breaking down the equipment and she walks out and we start talking some more, and then we ended up talking in the lobby and she said everything a woman is not supposed to say leading off with Yeah I saw my my gynecologist recently, and my gynecologist said I need to start having children within the next two to three years if I really want them to be healthy and me rather than being panicked I'm thinking, yes, you should have children your..

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