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The spot, and I became obsessed. I like made flash cards for all of the terminology all of the recipes. Like, I used to dream about it we you could sell that. I feel like. Yeah. I feel like so many people either want to be baristas or just be better like know how to order at a coffee shop a lot of stress that people hold as like walking to a coffee shop, and like I don't know how to order and most of the time the baristas going to have an attitude about you being up at the register not knowing what it is that you want. That's not the customers fall. I should make flash. Because also it's just such a great training tool because a lot of the people who apply at my coffee shop teen, they aren't trained baristas, but they just love coffee. And so you're in this tough spot is an owner. You're like, okay, I need to find some actual baristas. But I read this kid and their energy, and I would love to bring them on board. Give me a year. Okay. Okay. Okay. But definitely, but yeah, I just became obsessed with it. And I left that job actually got fired after a couple of months, that's fine. Because then a year later, I got another barista job. And it was my first specialty coffee job, and it was through a counter culture account and from then on it was just like the rabbit hole opened up into a chasm. And I went falling. In a good way in a good way in the shutout to counter show. They are the Smith canteen coffee provider, and they have been very patient newbie coffee shop owner as I get.

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